Blind Rivets Blind rivets

  • Blind rivets

  • Structured rivets

  • multiriv

  • monobolt

Nut Rivets Nut rivets

  • Steel nut rivet

  • Stainless steel nut rivet

  • hexagonal nut rivet

  • Rivbolt

Bolts & Screws Bolts and screws

  • Bolts

  • nuts

  • Sockets and screws

  • screws

  • washers and rings

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Discover our brands 

Rivit srl

Rivit is a worldwide leading entity for the production of Blins rivets, and riveting tools and systems for sheet metal assembling and deforming.

fabory fastners

Fabory provides solutions through a wide range of quality products and services for professional end-users of fasteners, tools, and industrial articles.

jurado srl

Jurado Srl established in 199 specialized in manufacturing hydro-pneumatic pliers and equipment that are used for the union of sheet metal well known as clinching.